Happy New Year from Modern Coin Wholesale, Inc.

Goodbye 2012… and Hello 2013! Modern Coin Wholesale had an epic year in 2012 with the launch of our successful eBay Store, and our new website moderncoinwholesale.com. We even made it to the front page of eBay’s Daily Deals and offered some of the most competitive prices on the web anywhere for 1 ounce Silver Bullion Bars! We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, and are really looking forward to what next year will bring.

We recently acquired some special coins from The Perth Mint in Australia that herald a fortuitous new year for coin collectors everywhere. The 2013 Australian Silver Lunar Good Fortune Snake Wealth and Wisdom 2 Coin Set. When I first saw this set I was struck by the vibrant colors it had on its reverse sides. The wealth coin’s reverse depicts a representation of a snake and a treasure chest full of golden coins, signifying wealth and prosperity, bordered by a snake motif.  The wisdom coin’s reverse depicts a representation of a snake with a Chinese abacus, a calligraphy pen, an hour glass, an ancient map and a symbolic pyramid, all signifying wisdom, bordered by a snake motif.

Perhaps the Year of the Snake should remind us this coming year that wealth and wisdom go hand in hand, just like this two coin set. What good is wealth without the wisdom to appreciate it? After discovering a snake was living inside my front door at the end of this past year I decided to research what that could mean because it felt significant. As it turns out in many other countries, for example in Japan, finding a snake in your home is a good omen and means that a great windfall of money soon will come your way.  How fitting that these coin sets arrived only days later to Modern Coin Wholesale; and they reminded me that 2013 should be a great year for the coin world. Increasing your silver collection this year is a wise choice for any collector or investor. Of course international currency is an exciting and exotic choice to expand anyone’s portfolio, but even adding to or keeping up with a Silver American Eagle set is a smart decision this year. With the recent economy investing in precious metals is never a bad idea. You can even get started early and pre-order 2013 Silver American Eagles right now. At the end of the day coins are something you can appreciate and enjoy for years to come, Year of the Snake or not.

2013 Australia Silver 1oz Lunar Good Fortune Snake Wealth and Wisdom 2pc Colorized Set

No more than 1,500 were minted and issued as legal tender by the Government of Tuvalu via The Perth Mint. The set comes with original government packaging and a certificate of authenticity. Both certified and non-certified sets are available.

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